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October 6th: Born on this day
1917, Born on this day, Bob Neal, ex DJ, agent and one time Elvis Presley manager, died on 9th May 1983.
1945, Born on this day, Robin Shaw, The Flowerpot Men. (1967 UK No.4 single 'Let's Go to Francisco').
1948, Born on this day, Millie Small, (Millie), 1964 US & UK No.2 single 'My Boy Lollipop).
1949, Born on this day, Bobby Farrell, Boney M, (1978 UK No.1 & US No.30 single 'Rivers of Babylon'). He died of natural causes on 30th Dec 2010 at the age of 61.
1949, Born on this day, Thomas McClary, guitar, The Commodores, (1978 UK & US No.1 single 'Three Times A Lady').
1951, Born on this day, Gavin Sutherland, The Sutherland Brothers, (1976 UK No.5 single 'Arms Of Mary'. Wrote the million seller 'Sailing' a No.1 for Rod Stewart in 1975).
1951, Born on this day, Kevin Cronin, REO Speedwagon, (1981 US No.1 & UK No.7 single 'Keep On Loving You').
1954, Born on this day, David Hidalgo, Los Lobos (1987 UK & US No.1 single 'La Bamba').
1958, Born on this day, Tim Mooney, drums, American Music Club, (1993 album 'Mercury').
1960, Born on this day, Richard Jobson, The Skids, (1979 UK No.10 single 'Into The Valley'), Armoury Show, TV presenter.
1961, Born on this day, Tim Burgess, Drums, T'Pau, (1987 UK No.1 single 'China In Your Hand', 1987 US No.4 single 'Heart and Soul').
1964, Born on this day, Matthew Sweet, singer guitarist, (solo single 'Girlfriend'). The Thorns.
1966, Born on this day, Tommy Stinson, bass, The Replacements, (1984 album 'Let It Be'). Also worked with Guns N' Roses.
1982, Born on this day, William Butler, synthesiser, bass, guitar. percussion, Arcade Fire, (2005 album ‘Funeral’).


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