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December 18th: Born on this day
1938, Born on this day, Chas Chandler, bass, The Animals, (1964 UK & US No.1 single 'House Of The Rising Sun'). Chandler became the manager of Jimi Hendrix and Slade, he died on 17th July 1996.
1941, Born on this day, Sam Andrews, Janis Joplin Band, (1971 US No.1 single 'Me And Bobby McGee', 1971 US No.1 single 'Pearl').
1943, Born on this day, Keith Richards, 'The Human Riff', guitarist, singer, songwriter and founding member of The Rolling Stones who have had over 35 Top 40 singles and albums. Rolling Stone magazine said Richards had created 'rock's greatest single body of riffs'. More on The Rolling Stones

1948, Born on this day, Bill Nelson, guitar, vocals, Be Bop Deluxe, (1976 UK No.23 single, 'Ships In The Night'). Solo.
1950, Born on this day, Martha Johnson, Martha And The Muffins, (1980 UK No.10 single, 'Echo Beach').
1953, Born on this day, Elliot Easton, The Cars, (1978 UK No.3 single 'My Best Friend's Girl', 1985 UK No.4 single 'Drive').
1958, Born on this day, Geordie, Killing Joke, (1985 UK No.16 single 'Love Like Blood').
1959, Born on this day, Grant Marshall, Daddy-G, Massive Attack, (1991 UK No.13 single 'Unfinished Sympathy').
1964, Born on this day, Robson Green, actor/singer, (1995 UK No.1 single as Robson and Jerome 'Unchained Melody', 'The White Cliffs Of Dover'). More on Unchained Melody
1966, Born on this day, Steve Dullaghan, Primitives, (1988 UK No.5 single 'Crash').
1968, Born on this day, Andy Miller, Dodgy, (1996 UK No.4 single 'Good Enough').
1970, Born on this day, DMX, (Earl Simmons), US rapper, (UK No. 30 single 'Slippin').
1980, Born on this day, Christina Aguilera, US singer, (1999 US & UK No.1 single 'Genie In A Bottle', 1999 US No.1 album 'Christina Aguilera', 2001 US & UK No.1 single with Mya, Lil' Kim and Pink, 'Lady Marmalade').
1980, Born on this day, Lyndsay Armaou, singer, B*Witched, (1998 UK No.1 single 'C'est La Vie').

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